China Expresses Concern and Warns NATO Not to Approach the Asia-Pacific


China Expresses Concern and Warns NATO Not to Approach the Asia-Pacific

China has issued an ultimatum to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to refrain from expanding its influence into the Asia-Pacific region.

Similar to Russia in Europe, Beijing once again opposes any efforts by NATO to extend its influence in the Asia-Pacific region.

This statement was made by Beijing during the NATO Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania, and the alliance's plans to open a branch office in Japan.

"China firmly opposes NATO's eastward movement into the Asia-Pacific region," said a statement from the Chinese mission to Europe on Tuesday (July 11).

"Any actions that jeopardize China's legitimate rights and interests will be firmly responded to," the statement added, as quoted by Reuters.

During the summit, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida also attended as an observer. According to Tokyo, Kishida's presence at the NATO Summit for the second time is aimed at increasing the alliance's attention to security risks in East Asia.

Kishida had previously confirmed that NATO has plans to open a liaison office in Japan. He did not provide details about the plans and objectives of the NATO mission.

However, Kishida emphasized that Japan has no plans to become a NATO member. If it happens, the office in Japan would be NATO's first representation mission in Asia.

On this occasion, the Chinese mission to Europe also strongly criticized NATO's accusations that Beijing disrupts the interests and security of the United States-led alliance.

In its communiqué, NATO firmly and strongly stated that China challenges the interests, security, and values of the alliance with its "ambitions and coercive policies."

Meanwhile, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated that although China is not an "enemy" of the alliance, the Chinese mainland is increasingly challenging the international order "with its coercive behavior."

However, NATO did not mention the Taiwan issue in its communiqué, despite the escalating tensions between Taiwan and China over the past year.

The Chinese mission to Europe condemned this NATO communiqué, considering it to ignore basic facts, distort China's positions and policies. Beijing also believes that the joint statement by NATO member states deliberately discredits China.

"We firmly oppose and reject this (communiqué)," said the Chinese representative.

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