Indonesia and Japan Strengthen Cooperation for Technical Intern Placement


Indonesia and Japan Strengthen Cooperation

Jakarta - The Ministry of Manpower and Japan's Miyagi prefectural government have recently joined hands to accelerate the placement of Indonesian technical interns, specified skilled workers (SSW), and technicians in Japan.


The collaboration was solidified through the signing of a memorandum of cooperation (MoC) between the Secretary-General of the Manpower Ministry, Anwar Sanusi, and the Governor of Miyagi prefecture, Yoshihiro Murai, which took place on Friday. The signing ceremony was graced by the presence of Indonesian Manpower Minister Ida Fauziyah.


"Hopefully, the implementation of this MoC will be both effective and efficient," stated Fauziyah, expressing her optimism about the agreement.


During her tenure, Minister Fauziyah also had the opportunity to meet Japan's Minister of Health, Labor, and Welfare, Katsunobu Kato, during the G20 Presidency meeting in India. The two leaders had mutually agreed to strengthen bilateral relations between their respective countries.


"This MoC signing is a significant step in our efforts to bolster the ties between Indonesia and Japan," she added.


It's worth noting that earlier, Minister Fauziyah had extended an invitation to Indonesians seeking employment opportunities in Japan, encouraging them to avail themselves of the private-to-private (p-to-p) placement scheme.


Under this scheme, qualified Indonesians can secure positions as specified skilled workers (SSW) in Japan, a program that has been active since March 2023.


The Ministry of Manpower is committed to actively promoting the placement of SSW for Indonesian migrant workers, collaborating closely with all relevant stakeholders.


Regarding placement costs, Fauziyah clarified that the Indonesian Migrant Workers Protection Agency (BP2MI) has already regulated these matters through a decree.


This cooperative initiative for Indonesian migrant worker placement involves the Indonesian Migrant Worker Placement Company (P3MI) and the Japanese Employment Placement Service Provider (JEPSP), she explained.


The p-to-p scheme primarily aims to meet the labor requirements of Japanese employers while fulfilling the demands of the Japanese Accepting Organization (JAO).


Fauziyah also highlighted that working in Japan provides an excellent opportunity for Indonesian workers, given the country's regulations that prioritize protecting foreign workers.


With the signing of this cooperation agreement, prospects for Indonesian technical interns and skilled workers seeking opportunities in Japan have taken a positive stride forward. The partnership between Indonesia and Japan marks a pivotal moment in strengthening their relationship and fostering mutually beneficial outcomes for both nations.

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