North Korea 'Furious' as US Plans to Deploy Nuclear Submarines to the Korean Peninsula


North Korea 'Furious' as US Plans to Deploy Nuclear


North Korea has accused US spy planes of violating its airspace, while condemning the US plan to deploy nuclear missile submarines near the Korean Peninsula.

A spokesperson for North Korea's Ministry of National Defense labeled the "provocative" violations by US spy planes this month as repeated incidents over the East Sea.


"There is no guarantee that unexpected accidents like the downing of US strategic reconnaissance aircraft will not occur in the East Sea of Korea," stated the spokesperson in a statement quoted by AFP.


The spokesperson also referenced past incidents when Pyongyang shot down US spy planes and warned that America would pay the price for engaging in aerial espionage over North Korean territory.


The statement from the North Korean Ministry of Defense also criticized the US plan to deploy strategic nuclear assets to the Korean Peninsula, viewing it as a significant threat to regional and global security.


"The current situation clearly demonstrates that the Korean Peninsula is increasingly approaching the brink of a nuclear conflict due to provocative military actions by the US," the statement concluded.


In April, the US announced its intention to deploy nuclear ballistic missile submarines.

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