Resilience of EU Banks Under Adverse Scenarios Stress Test Results Revealed

Resilience of EU Banks Under Adverse Scenarios Stress Test Results Revealed

The European Banking Authority (EBA) disclosed the results of the recent stress test, demonstrating the resilience of the EU banking sector despite facing adverse conditions. The EBA noted that this year's reduction in performance was relatively modest compared to previous tests. Several factors contributed to this, including improved profitability, the implementation of regulatory reforms post the global financial crisis, and the enhanced quality of initial assets tested.


The stress test, conducted by banking supervisors, does not have a pass or fail mark but serves as a basis for evaluating whether banks require additional capital beyond their mandatory core buffer, referred to as the Total SREP Capital Requirement (TSCR). According to the EBA, the adverse scenario indicated that all banks, except three, met the TSCR. However, four banks did not meet their mandatory leverage ratio requirement, which is a broader measure of capital against total assets.


During the third year of the test, 37 banks saw their capital levels drop below the threshold that triggers restrictions on payouts. The results also highlighted that German banks displayed resilience, but the European Central Bank's (ECB) methodology faced criticism from Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft, the umbrella association representing the German financial industry. The ECB's application of markups in later stages of the process and the significant increase in stress-related capital losses drew concern, raising doubts among market participants.


An additional analysis revealed that banks' holdings of bonds incurred unrealized losses of 73 billion euros in February. However, if the EU's economy were to experience severe stress, this figure could more than triple.


Despite challenges, the stress test outcomes underscored the strength and adaptability of the EU banking sector. Supervisors and financial institutions will continue to monitor and implement measures to ensure the stability and resilience of the European banking system amidst potential economic uncertainties.

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