Six Suspects Arrested in Connection with Woman Stripped Naked and Gang-Raped Incident in India!


Six Suspects Arrested in Connection with Woman Stripped Naked


New Delhi - The Indian police have once again arrested two more suspects in connection with the horrifying incident involving two women from the minority ethnic group in Manipur, who were stripped naked and subjected to a mass gang-rape. In total, six suspects have been arrested, including one who is still a teenager, in relation to this incident that sparked public outrage.


As reported by India Today on Sunday (July 23, 2023), the viral video captured the two women from the Kuki minority ethnic group in Manipur being paraded naked by a crowd of people, identified as members of the majority Meitei ethnic group, during an ethnic conflict that erupted in early May.


The video was said to have been recorded on May 4, but only went viral on the internet on July 19. Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his anger over the incident in Manipur, in his first comment since the inter-ethnic conflict broke out in the state, claiming more than 140 lives.


Modi also emphasized that the perpetrators of the incident that he called a 'shame' to all of India would be dealt with sternly. In a recent statement on his official Twitter account, the Manipur Police announced the arrest of additional suspects related to the incident.


"Six people, including one minor, have been arrested," stated the Manipur Police in their statement.


It was mentioned that one suspect was arrested on Saturday (July 22) local time. Further details about the identities and locations of the suspects' arrests in this case were not disclosed.


"A total of six people, including five main suspects and one teenager, have been arrested in the case so far. The state police have made massive efforts to apprehend the remaining culprits by conducting raids at many suspected hideouts," said the Manipur Police firmly.


Meanwhile, the Manipur Police also announced that a total of 125 checkpoints have been set up in various districts of Manipur, both in the hilly areas and in the valley.


It is known that this horrifying incident occurred one day after clashes erupted between the majority Meitei ethnic group - mostly Hindus - and the Kuki minority ethnic group - mostly Christians - in the state of Manipur in early May.


The clashes occurred after the Kuki minority protested against the Meitei majority's demands for quotas in public jobs and college admissions as a form of affirmative action. These special quotas have so far only been held by minority ethnic groups in Manipur, including the Kuki.


The demands of the Meitei ethnic group also reignited long-standing concerns among the Kuki ethnic group that the Meitei might be allowed to obtain land in areas currently reserved for them and other minority ethnic groups.

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