The Possibility of Ronaldo and Benzema Playing for Newcastle United


The Possibility of Ronaldo and Benzema Playing for Newcastle United

Even though Cristiano Ronaldo Karim Benzema are currently plying their trade in the Arab League, there's still a possibility that they could join Newcastle United. How is this possible, you may ask?

It all starts with a fascinating theory that links the major clubs in Saudi Arabia with Newcastle United in England. The catalyst behind this connection is the Public Investment Fund (PIF), under the control of Prince Mohammed bin Salman, which holds an 80% ownership stake in Newcastle United. Interestingly, the PIF also recently acquired four top clubs in Saudi Arabia: Al Hilal, Al Ittihad, Al Ahli, and Al Nassr.

The PIF's involvement with these clubs has led to speculations about potential collaborations and partnerships among them. Naturally, this has sparked various rumors, including the idea of loaning players to Newcastle United from the affiliated Saudi clubs.

What makes it even more intriguing is that there are no restrictions in the Premier League on the number of foreign players a club can borrow. This means the Toon Army could potentially bring in top European players currently playing for their "sister" clubs in Saudi Arabia, including Ronaldo and Benzema.

Moreover, with Newcastle set to participate in the Champions League this season, they will need additional experienced firepower. This further fuels the rumors of Ronaldo and Benzema making a move to the club.

Newcastle's manager, Eddie Howe, has also added to the speculation by stating that they are open to borrowing players from Saudi clubs affiliated with Newcastle. He emphasized that the decisions will always prioritize what is best for the club.

As the transfer window approaches, the football world eagerly awaits to see if this unique connection between Saudi clubs and Newcastle United will lead to the arrival of superstar talents like CR7 and Benzema on the English shores.

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