Twitter Threatens to Sue Meta After Launching Threads, Elon Musk: Competition Allowed, Cheating Not

Twitter Threatens to Sue Meta After Launching Threadst

The social media giant Twitter has threatened to sue another giant, Meta, following the launch of its social media platform, Threads. Twitter suspects that Meta has committed business secret theft and intellectual property infringement in operating Threads. According to CNN, lawyers representing Twitter have sent a letter to Meta's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

The letter accuses Meta of stealing the company's secrets by hiring former Twitter employees. "Meta is alleged to have systematically, intentionally, and unlawfully abused Twitter's trade secrets and intellectual property," wrote Alex Spiro, Twitter's attorney, as quoted on Friday (7/7/2023).

Spiro stated that Meta has recruited employees who still possess documents and electronic devices related to Twitter. These employees are claimed to have actively participated in the development of Threads.

"Twitter plans to enforce the law regarding the company's intellectual property rights," Spiro wrote. "And demands that Meta immediately cease using various trade secrets or other confidential information belonging to Twitter," Spiro continued.

The report was supported by a statement from Twitter's owner, Elon Musk. Through his official Twitter account, Elon admitted that he had no problem with competition but would not tolerate cheating. "Competition is allowed, but cheating is not," Elon wrote. However, Twitter's accusations were denied by Meta's spokesperson, Andy Stone.

He stated that no former Twitter employees were involved in the development team of Threads. "Not a single former Twitter employee has been involved in the Threads development team," Andy wrote on the Threads account.

For your information, since Elon Musk acquired Twitter last October, the social media platform has faced challenges from the emergence of new platforms. Examples include Mastodon and Bluesky, alternative platforms supported by former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. However, Twitter is not threatened by the emergence of these platforms. Threads, on the other hand, has faced a different situation.

On its launch day, Mark Zuckerberg reported that there were already 30 million users registered on the platform. Moreover, on Thursday (6/7/2023) local time, Threads topped the list of free applications on the iOS App Store.

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