Wow! Cakra Khan Shakes the Stage on America's Got Talent, Praised for His Golden Voice Trending on Social Media

Cakra Khan Shakes the Stage on America's Got Talent

Indonesia once again takes pride in the achievements of its two singers who appeared on America's Got Talent 2023 (AGT). After Putri Ariani, now it's Cakra Khan's turn to mesmerize the stage with his golden voice.

Cakra Khan's performance on AGT was truly captivating, leaving both the audience and judges (Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and Howie Mandel) in awe with his rendition of "Make It Rain," delivered with his husky voice.

Initially, Simon Cowell seemed unimpressed by Cakra Khan's voice. He requested the talented artist from Sunda to sing a different song.

Without hesitation, Cakra Khan accepted the challenge and chose to perform a song by the Reggae legend, Bob Marley.

"I grew up with Bob Marley, and my dad used to play his songs before I went to school. So, I will sing 'No Woman No Cry'," declared Cakra Khan on AGT.

His distinctive husky voice amazed the judges and the audience alike. It comes as no surprise that he received a resounding round of applause and a standing ovation from everyone present.

"You have a unique, sexy, and husky voice. It's incredibly special and unforgettable," praised Heidi Klum.

"The second song made me know you better. I really love your voice," added Simon Cowell.

The praise didn't stop there; viewers on AGT's YouTube channel also expressed their awe and emotions after watching Cakra Khan's performance on July 19, 2023. Many confessed to getting goosebumps and being deeply moved by his golden voice.

They showered him with support and prayers for further success in the competition. Notably, Cakra Khan's name quickly became a trending topic on Twitter.

As of this writing, there are already more than 10 thousand tweets about Cakra Khan on Elon Musk's social media platform. The world is now eagerly awaiting more astounding performances from this Indonesian sensation on the AGT stage.

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