Skriniar's Long-Awaited Move to Paris Saint-Germain Comes to Fruition


Skriniar's Long-Awaited Move to Paris Saint-Germain Comes to Fruition

Speaking to Paris-based newspaper Le Parisien, the 28-year-old Slovakian international revealed that the French champions made extensive efforts to persuade him to join their ranks, standing by him throughout his lengthy recovery from a serious injury.


It's now been officially a month since Skriniar became a Paris Saint-Germain player, bidding farewell to his six-year tenure at Inter, where he had initially arrived from Sampdoria in 2017.


However, Skriniar's departure from Inter was not without its complexities. The Nerazzurri had previously turned down PSG's offers for the player during the preceding summer. Furthermore, they attempted to negotiate a contract extension during the last season. Despite this, the 28-year-old decided to turn down these proposals and made the switch on a free transfer.


The final months of Skriniar's time at Inter were plagued by limited playing time, as he suffered a back injury that required surgical intervention. The decision to leave Inter and embrace PSG had been a long-contemplated one for the Slovakian defender.


Reflecting on his contact with Paris Saint-Germain, Skriniar acknowledged, "We started talking last year, it's true." He continued, "But sometimes things take a while to unfold, that's the way it is." However, he expressed his joy at the fruition of the move, stating, "Now I'm finally in Paris, and I'm very happy about it."


When questioned about any doubts he may have had concerning the move, Skriniar confidently asserted, "No, I've always believed it would. Even if it took longer than expected." He emphasized that his intentions were steadfast from the initial contacts with PSG, as he had eagerly desired to join the Parisian club.


Throughout the previous season, Skriniar was under the watchful eyes of PSG, who continuously checked on his progress and well-being. He stated, "There was always someone monitoring me. Checking on how I was doing, how I was feeling." He went on to reveal that even during his injury recovery period, the contacts with the French club never ceased.


With his move to Paris Saint-Germain finally realized, Skriniar looks forward to a new chapter in his career, eager to make his mark and contribute to the club's continued success.


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