Russia Adds Norway to List of "Unfriendly" States Amid Diplomatic Tensions


Russia Adds Norway to List of "Unfriendly" States Amid Diplomatic Tensions

In response to alleged espionage accusations, Russia has recently added Norway to its list of foreign states considered to have engaged in "unfriendly" acts against Russian diplomatic missions. This move restricts the number of local staff Norway can hire in Russia to just 27, as reported by state news agency RIA Novosti on Thursday.


The diplomatic tension escalated earlier when Norway expelled 15 Russian diplomats in April over allegations of spying. In retaliation, Russia ordered the expulsion of 10 Norwegian diplomats from its territory. Despite the escalating situation, Norway maintains that it has not acted in an unfriendly manner towards Russia, emphasizing their shared border in the Arctic region.


Norwegian Foreign Minister, Anniken Huitfeldt, conveyed her perspective on the situation, linking it to Russia's war on Ukraine. In a statement to Reuters, she asserted that resolving the ongoing conflict lies in Russia's hands, urging them to choose a path towards ending the war. Stressing the importance of functioning diplomatic relations and channels of contact between neighboring countries, Huitfeldt highlighted the significance of maintaining dialogue, particularly during difficult times.


As of now, Norway has not yet received an official notification from Moscow regarding its inclusion in the list of "unfriendly" states. Consequently, a spokesperson for the Norwegian foreign ministry refrained from commenting on specific consequences resulting from Russia's decision.


With diplomatic relations between Russia and Norway under strain, both nations face challenges in finding common ground and fostering cooperation. The situation highlights the importance of open communication and constructive dialogue to ease tensions and maintain stability in the region.

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